Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crème de la crème: JUNE 2010

20 (N) - 15 TO 20 (DEN HAAN REMIX) - Phenomenal Handclap Band - groovy groovy funky SHIT

19 (N) - JUST CAN'T STOP - The Aikiu

18 (N) - NIBIRU - Château Marmont - and so the modern space disco odyssey carries on as initiated by Midnight Juggernauts and Monsieur Sébastien Tellier

17 (N) - TURN IT UP - Grum Feat. Electric Youth - Debbie Gibson reinvented, impossibly genuine 1980's sound

16 (7) - CELESTICA - Crystal Castles - 3rd month in a row, what a sensational track, wall of exquisite sound!

15 (N) - BEATS OF LOVE - Villa Feat. The New Sins

14 (N) - EMANCIPATE - Kelis - this just gotta b the 3rd single from FLESHTONE

13 (1) - MITT BÄSTA - Familjen Feat. Ninsun Poli - Sweden's top secret and one of this year's most stunning albums... Not the last one by Familjen on this chart


11 (N) - LONELY SEA - Alexis - so far only available as a demo version on Alexis' MYSPACE, disco camp underground anthem 2 happen, file it between SSION and HARD TON

10 (N) - WEAK + END - Candy Bear Stupid! - japanese pop galore ♥♥♥

09 (N) - MCS CAN KISS - Uffie

08 (N) - COME WITH ME - Ceo - subtle and ethereal, this month's most unique outing, see it and listen 2 it HERE

07 (N) - A.D.D. S.U.V. (ARMAND VAN HELDEN REMIX) - Uffie Feat. Pharrell Williams - let there be HOUSE!

06 (N) - GLAMOUR À MORT - Arielle Dombasle - ça c'est glamour!

05 (N) - WE CAN'T FLY - Aeroplane - reggae goes disco in this summer's most promising single, long anticipated Aeroplane's debut album 2 follow soon

04 (N) - ALL THE LOVERS - Kylie Minogue - I must admit it was a whole month long sonic journey 4 me, from quite ambivalent feelings at the very beginning until total addiction now and considering it one of Miss Minogue's finest singles 2 date...

03 (6) - HOLD UP YOUR HAND - The Crookers Feat. Róisín Murphy

02 (N) - NEW FATE - Pink Stallone - Maybe we can join the crowd
Life is poor without sound
Where the crazy people meet
On the street with no name
If you wish upon a star
Here's the place Club Bizarre

01 (N) - VINTER I APRIL - Familjen Feat. Ninsun Poli - number one of the month stays with Familjen just like in May, I am completely blown away by this album, there hasn't been anything quite as brilliant since GUS GUS' "Attention"...