Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crème de la crème: MAY 2010

My dear boys and girls here's my selection for the month of May for your own pleasure:

20 (N) - TAKE ME BABY - Gus Gus Feat. Jimi Tenor - did u check out my GUS GUS special yet? I'm quite proud of it...

19 (N) - EART QUAKE - Hard Ton

18 (N) - PRIVATE EYES - The Bird & The Bee - only they could pull off a Hall & Oates tribute EP, sweetness!

17 (N) - REDLINES - Total Science Feat. Riya - proper odlskool drum'n'bass anthem!

16 (N) - LOOK - Sébastien Tellier - could it be that Monsieur Tellier will relase LOOK as the 7th (!!!) single from his phenomenal SEXUALITY? Just saw the funny animated video 4 it on YOUTUBE

15 (N) - GET IT RIGHT - Tensnake - a.k.a. the saviours of real House Music

14 (N) - DANCING ON MY OWN - Robyn

13 (N) - BIG BANG LOVE - Gina & Tony - this month's most intriguing single somewhere between Lali Puna, Brigitte Bardot and Trentemøller lies this fascinating 5 minutes of quality sounds

12 (1) - I FEEL BETTER - Hot Chip

11 (3) - 4TH OF JULY - Kelis - here's live @ Later with Jools Holland, really hope 2 catch Kelis live this year...

10 (2) - ROYAL T - The Crookers Feat. Róisín Murphy - 3rd month among the creamiest tunes, filed under MASTERPIECE

09 (N) - MA RIDA - Y.A.S. - جديد الموسيقى في أفضل حالاتها

08 (N) - BACK TO ME - Dapayk Solo Feat. Camara & Jon Hester - didn't quite make it 2 my top 5 of the month as I was predicting HERE but still an unforgettable moment in May... Exceptional

07 (5) - CELESTICA - Crystal Castles - euphoric single soon 2 become this year's summer festivals favourite

06 (N) - HOLD UP YOUR HAND - The Crookers Feat. Róisín Murphy - in an underground non-commercial matter it really is the year of La Murphy so far...

05 (N) - I AM DEAD (HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR REMIX) - Jori Hulkkonen Feat. Jerry Valuri - this gave me butterflies in my stomach thinking about the upcoming brand new album by The Hercules & Co... House music all night long :-)

04 (N) - IF I HAD A HEART - Fever Ray - I'm so behind with Fever Ray, it all happened during my year of travels when I was out of touch with all the music happenings so I'm still "catching up"... This was their debut single and along with the extraordinary video and a magical remix by Familjen it just stands out as an example of one of the most unique singles of the past couple of years...

03 (N) - FOOLIN' AROUND - Showgirls - exquisite pop made in France, vraiment très très bon!

02 (N) - WE'RE READY WHEN YOU ARE - The Krays Feat. Ebony Bones! - have a bop 2 it HERE

01 (N) - MITT BÄSTA - Familjen - dangerously addictive, sample it HERE & don't say I didn't warn u!