Saturday, May 1, 2010

Crème de la crème: APRIL 2010

Another fantastic month in music, we are spoiled this month big time:-)

20 (N) - BABY (CLOCK OPERA) - Phenomenal Handclap Band

19 (N) - PEOPLES POTENTIAL - Floating Points

18 (N) - BE MY SAILOR - Zeebee - whoever fell in love with Waldeck's BALLROOM STORIES should definitely check Zeebee's new solo album also produced by Klaus Waldeck himself... Miss Zeebee in top vocal form (= g.o.o.s.e.b.u.m.p.s.)

17 (N) - MADE FOR LOVE - José James Feat. Flying Lotus - while counting the minutes down until Flying Lotus' brand new LP comes out, HERE's a neo-soul feast 2 make the waiting more bearable

16 (N) - 不自然なガール (FUSHIZEN NA GIRL) - Perfume

15 (15) - MOMMA'S PLACE - Róisín Murphy - 4 months in a row in my end of the month charts says it all doesn't it?


13 (2) - JOSEPHINE - Cubic Zirconia - this year's most uncompromised dance record, ladies and gentlemen once again Slappy Josephine

12 (N) - MAKE MY HEART - Toni Braxton - this clubbing season is all about shoulder shaking :-)

11 (N) - BROKEN SPELL - Timewriter Feat. Theresa Baltimore - deep house heaven

10 (N) - FOREVER NO MORE - Hard Ton - well it is by far THE BEST artwork I have seen in years!!!

09 (N) - LOOKING AT THE STARS - Sally Shapiro - just the cutest sounds of Europe at the minute, MY GUILTY PLEASURE still delivers shivers, now also released in a special remix package. Hi-Fi sounds not only for the young Norwegians...

08 (N) - BELONG - Washed Out - impossible 2 classify intriguing sonic adventures in lo-fi, drop me a line if u come up with any ideas genre-wise, LISTEN

07 (N) - WHY DOES THE WIND - Tracey Thorn - THE voice is back! Produced by Underworld's Ewan Pearson beautifully crafted piece of exquisite POP also available as a free download courtesy of TraCeY tHorN herself

06 (N) - TIP TOE WALK (SIRIUSMO REMIX) - Bodi Bill - mind yourselves fellow music freaks as this one will haunt u more and more every single time u decide 2 please your ears with it yet again... GET ADDICTED

05 (N) - CELESTICA - Crystal Castles - somewhere between Vitalic and M83 lies this celestial (literally;-) track, scroll down 2 previous post 2 admire this beauty...

04 (N) - HIGH TOGETHER - Siriusmo - additionally 2 recently released excellent remixes for Bodi Bill, Breakbot and Ben Mono, here's why Siriusmo is the project 2 keep an eye (and both ears!) on, if Daft Punk were anyway creative these days they could quite easily sound as brilliant as THIS

03 (N) - 4TH OF JULY - Kelis - this is going 2 b a hugely divalicious album, even better than ACAPELLA...

02 (1) - ROYAL T - The Crookers Feat. Róisín Murphy - La Murphy strictly gets involved in astonishing projects, here's her sexy mélange with the boys from sunny Italia

01 (N) - I FEEL BETTER - Hot Chip - it's exactly one month since I downloaded it first and my i-choons library tells me it has been played 41 times already on different but always delectable occasions, it is a masterpiece of a pop song in my humble opinion, hear it again HERE