Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Lads I'm getting very excited about the final results of my now long running countdown... We're in top 30 already. I am constantly changing the order the nerd I am:-) Hope u're enjoying it still, would love 2 hear some feedback from u guys. ANYONE can drop comments these days since I have changed my settings so please spoil me wit some... X

30 - PAPER PLANES - M.I.A. - loved it straight away the first time I heard "KALA"... The most wanted tune at any parties chez nous et pas seulement chez nous...

29 - DAVID - Gus Gus - "I still have last night in my body" starts Earth on this epic dancefloor anthem from "ATTENTION" one of the most spectacular albums of the Noughties...

28 - THE MUZIK - Ebony Bones - I have lost the track how many times have I mentioned Ebony Bones's debut single on this blog, but HERE's when I did 4 the very first time... C H O O N!!!

27 - GET TOGETHER - Madonna

26 - OVERLOAD - Sugababes - this one single by the original line-up of the Sugababes is better than the whole Girls Aloud catalogue put 2gether... Pity the band turned in2 one of pop music's biggest jokes in recent years... What a promising debut single that was though...

25 - QUICKSAND - La Roux - La Roux's debut 4 Kitsuné Maison back in 2008 - still a thrill!

24 - IN MY BED - Amy Winehouse - Miss Winehouse was only 20 years old when she has released this funky gem, my personal favourite, stunning production and her astounding vocal performance

23 - DARLING - Popular Computer - here's what I found about it on DISCOGS: POPULAR COMPUTER is a duo consisting of Parisian producer Sylvain DALIdo and his computer (Only one PC/one Keyboard).
The name POPULAR COMPUTER fits this musical persona completely. Sylvain creates an amalgam of pop music and shiny retro-futurist electronic dance. The world he creates is a fantasy of sophistication and technological elegance.
And 2 add DARLING is by far their/(his?) finest work 2 date, u won't get rid of it that easily - hypnotising and dangerously addictive...

22 - WHAT DO YOU WANT? - Attica Blues - sadly forgotten UK trip hop trio with the Egyptian-born wondrous vocalist Roba El-Essawy, from their 2nd coming "TEST DON'T TEST" back at the beginning of the decade

21 - THE GIRL AND THE ROBOT - Röyksopp Feat. Robyn - how in the world this wasn't a long going number 1 is a mystery... We live in strange times for quality pop music... Simply the most accomplished composition from the boys from Tromsø with a little help from the girl from Stockholm