Friday, February 26, 2010


I am getting more & more excited about every next post on the Noughties matter, every next 10 is just better again... I adore this one;-) :

80 - MARZEC - Kasia Stankiewicz - I suppose the highest entry by a Polish artist in my ranking means this is the best song of the decade coming from my homeland... Well in my humble opinion anyway...

79 - MIDSUMMER NIGHT BLUES - Waldeck Feat. Zeebee - glamorous lounge extravaganza built up around timeless SUMMERTIME sample, beguiling

78 - SUPERMASSIVE BLACK HOLE - Muse - the masters of indisputably enormous melodies, here's a tad more POPpy effort by the boys from Devon, England

77 - THE ESSENCE - Jody Watley - one of my biggest music icons of all times in a deliciously funky collaboration with King Britt, s*** cool vibes

76 - KOOP ISLAND BLUES - Koop Feat. Ane Brun - charmingly kitschy tune from the retro chic electronic jazz duo from Uppsala, Sweden, vibraphones, clarinet 'n' all that oldfashioned jazz

75 - FOREVER MORE - Moloko

74 - EVERYTHING IN ITS RIGHT PLACE - Radiohead - once upon a time when I was a kid (A)...

73 - HUMAN - Goldfrapp - particularly impressive and over the top in its Bondesque strings galore in the video edit of the song,

72 - SINKING FEELING - Róisín Murphy - another elaborate composition by the ever so fascinating La Murphy/Matthew Herbert team from RUBY BLUE - the sampling "rococo" masterpiece

71 - GET INNOCUOUS - LCD Soundsystem - 7 minutes long electronic symphony based on "bolero" motive, from one single juicy loop 2 the whole wall of sound, James Murphy's most sophisticated work 2 date, and he sounds a wee bit like David Bowie here too