Monday, February 1, 2010


Over the next while, apart from sharing new tracks & dusting off forgotten oldies but goodies, I'll be presenting u with a precisely selected top 200 of my most wonderful sonic memories of the past decade. It took me over one month time to come up with the final ranking. "The Noughties" from a rather subjective perspective of mine but who knows u might come across some real treasure while browsing. Some of it is art some of it is pure tack. This is how my heart sang the past ten years...

200 - SHOES - Tiga

199 - CYRANECZKA - Anna Maria Jopek - a piece of sophisticated mish mash of polish folk and jazz with a collage of sounds from a prepared piano, it is a beaut

198 - NEIGHBORHOODS - Matthew Dear - from his avant-pop masterpiece ASA BREED, electronica's answer 2 David Byrne

197 - ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL - Ilya - bizarre and alluring, a true rarity when a b-side happens 2 be a masterpiece,

196 - PLAYGROUND LOVE - Air - the exquisite piece of soundtrack 4 Sophia Coppola's VIRGIN SUICIDES

195 - HAPPY HOUSE - The Juan Maclean

194 - LOVE AND SEX MAGIC - Ciara Feat. Justin Timberlake

193 - ANNIEMAL - Annie - the sweetest pop addiction of mine, scandinavian cool sounds way better than just cool, title track from her sensational debut album

192 - BUTTERFLY CAUGHT - Massive Attack - 4 those of u who know my lovely Les, isn't 3D the spit image of him at the start of this video??? U can watch it HERE

191 - SUDDENLY - Herbert Feat. Dani Siciliano

Ooops I forgot 2 add, I will be revealing my top 200 in tens gradually 2 keep u all entertained rather than bored by publishing it all @ one go. X