Monday, February 8, 2010


The countdown continues after a short weekend break, god I was just listening 2 those 10 love it love it love it! Enjoy...

160 - THIS ISN'T MAYBE - Waldeck - a charming piece created around Chet Baker's THIS IS ALWAYS by Austria's most talented musical export

159 - SWEET CHILD - Micatone - play that funky music by nu-jazz pioneers aus Deutschland, joyful and gooorooooovy:-)

158 - REVEALING THE SOUNDS - The Timewriter - mind yourself u're about 2 be hypnotised on the dancefloor! Deep house at its most refined, nearly 7 minutes of a sonic orgasm 4 all those who dig the genre or any slaves to the rhythm on that matter

157 - ROCK WITH U - Janet Jackson - Ok... I admit, I do have a soft spot 4 Miss Janet. This track though is a genuinely and objectively a great pop song. Her name ain't baby, it's Janet! Miss Jackson if u're nasty!!!

156 - FANCY FOOTWORK - Chromeo

155 - BUCKY DONE GUN - M.I.A. -

154 - FREE YOUR HEART - Frost - icicle pop from Bergen, Norway. Beware: EXTREMELY CATCHY!

153 - JAKA JA KAYAH - Kayah - pop goes oriental electronica by Polish Madonna, sitar & strings arrangements 2 die 4

152 - TEA LEAF DANCERS - Flying Lotus Feat. Andreya Triana - no one else creates sounds quite like these, Flying Lotus' very own recipe 4 "liquid" downtempo beats, here additionally embellished by Andreya Triana - Brighton's underground diva & owner of one of the most desired voices on the club scene nowadays...

151 - DISTANCE (METRONOMY REMIX) - DNTL - Maciek thanx 4 finding this one out, still one of the most listened songs on my i-choons, a great example 4 a remix work being a work of art in the same time