Wednesday, February 10, 2010


150 - LA LA LA - The Bird and the Bee

149 - WHY DID WE FIRE THE GUN - Waldeck Feat. Zeebee - the coolest Vienna based team from their brilliant ballroom reinventing concept album

148 - INDIGO - Moloko - musical, lyrical and visual inventiveness, nothing less expected from Moloko throughout their whole vibrant catalogue, here's a perfect example of all 3:

147 - I PUT A SPELL ON YOU - Natacha Atlas - Egyptian vocal institution covering one of all time classics 2 a surprising in its oriental style superb effect,

146 - UTOPIA - Goldfrapp - mesmerising single from their groundbreaking debut,

145 - CYBER-RAGA - Madonna Feat. Talvin Singh - one of La Ciccone's sadly rare tracks as it is a genius joint effort by The Queen of Pop and number one name in Indian electronica, complex, raw and stimulating "modern era mantra", chase it down on the Japanese edition of MUSIC

144 - LIGHT & MAGIC - Ladytron - this title track from Ladytron's second album sends a shiver down my spine each time, there's something quite old fashioned about its melody and then there's their distinguishing multi-layered in-your-face electronic production all over it, ethereal and gripping

143 - ME AND MR JONES - Amy Winehouse

142 - SOUND OF VIOLENCE (COSMO VITELLI REMIX) - Cassius - Le French Touch founders remixed by genre's other pioneer, jolly little gathering and one of those impossible-not-2-dance moments...

141 - WLOCZYKIJE - Envee & Niewinni Czarodzieje Feat. Marysia Sadowska - thanx 2 certain Pan Kolega Askaniusz I've been learning this nu-jazz stomper by heart from the original demo tapes back in the days... Then there was the official release and the remixes keeping me haunted until 2day