Monday, February 15, 2010


130 - ENTA FEN - Soapkills - the greatest of the greats, hidden gem from Lebanese underground dance scene, minimal, esoteric and deadly!

129 - ROCKING CHAIR - Cyndi Lauper Feat. Basement Jaxx

128 - CANDY CASTLE - Glass Candy - the coolest band on earth (and the most generous one!) that's all I have 2 say about Glass Candy, click HERE 4 their myspace page

127 - TOXIC - Britney Spears - kinda against my own will cause I simply cannot stand her but i have 2 admit it's a damn fine pop song... B%@&^ !!!

126 - SING A SONG (RÖYKSOPP REMIX) - Eri Nobuchika - do u know VISION ONE with Anneli Drecker on vocals on Röyksopp's latest album JUNIOR? Well this is where it comes from... All the way from Fukuoka, Japan comes this scrumptious pop piece by 信近エリ remixed by the applauded Norwegians

125 - GHOSTS - Beady Belle - from the musical capital of Europe - Bergen in Norway - comes this jazz-meets-drum'n'bass "melody from heaven", one of a kind!

124 - AERO DYNAMIK - Kraftwerk - the fathers and inventors of 95% of sounds I adore recording their final single in 2003, here's their visually phenomenal performance of it @ MTV awards:

123 - CRYSTALLINE GREEN - Goldfrapp - the most perfect bridge between their dreamy soundtrack-alike debut - FELT MOUNTAIN and electro kaleidoscope of BLACK CHERRY...

122 - WHAT ABOUT US? - Brandy

121 - DIAMOND DAVE - The Bird & The Bee - flawless melody in this slightly bizarrely themed tribute 2 David Lee Roth (sic!)