Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Time flies. We're nearly in top 100, two more posts and I shall b revealing the crème de la crème of the past decade... Stay tuned:-)

120 - WILLIAM'S BLOOD - Grace Jones - around her 60th b*day the exquisite Miss Grace Jones came back with one of her most stunning works 2 date, classic Jones sound, enchanting lyrics and that goosebums causing ending 2 the song, EPIC!

119 - HARDER, BETTER, FASTER, STRONGER - Daft Punk - robo-funk state-of-the-art track, let's try 2 forget how it was mistreated by certain Kanye West...

118 - PANDORA - Róisín Murphy - and so La Murphy saga continues... Produced by the ever so inventive Mr Richard X, a sophisticated bonus track on her tremendous OVERPOWERED LP, space disco translated 4 the new century

117 - GET CONFUSED - Fischerspooner - rich, multi structured electro theme from their very own pop art video performance, included on New Yorkers' rather average second coming ODYSSEY,and the flute solo 2 die 4!

116 - SHUBRA - Natacha Atlas

115 - MY PLASTIC HEART - Frost - analog low key brilliant little number from... yes from Norway again... indeed... FROST's myspace page HERE

114 - SEXI FLEXI - Natalia - it's like 1980's rare grooves (that never happened in Poland btw) done up a mere 20ish years later, I've already shared this one with u HERE

113 - THE ERASER - Thom Yorke - Piotrek cieszysz sie?

112 - PLASTIQUE - Crème de Menthe

111 - BEAT GOES ON - Madonna - could have been one of La Ciccone's most successful singles... Could have if it was ever released... The most brilliant moment of the HARD CANDY era by far