Friday, January 22, 2010


The end of the decade always keeps me busy. It's just the most fun time 4 all lists making geeks like me. My music library enriched itself by various Scandinavian acts throughout the last 10 years. Quite possibly the most visible "trend" of the noughties in my books. So here's yet another of my lists, this time summing up the diverse and ever so creative Nordic scene of 2000-2009... From Helsinki based nu-jazz maestro Jimi Tenor, through Norwegian italo disco by Sally Shapiro, Annie's sugar sweet candy-pop, unclassifiable Danish party weirdoes - Hess Is More, up 2 the Icelandic champions Gus Gus & Björk... Please enjoy Shrem's Scandinavian extravaganza...

50-Natural Cosmic Relief/Spell - Jimi Tenor (FIN)
49-Fa Fa Fa - Datarock (NOR)
48-Girl Like You - Bertine Zetlitz (NOR)
47-Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward - Jenny Wilson (SWE)

46-Ghost Trains - Erlend Øye (NOR)
45-Heartbeat - Annie (NOR)
44-Vökuró (V V Mix) - Björk (ICE)
43-I'd Rather Dance With You - Kings Of Convenience (NOR)
42-Heirloom - Björk (ICE)
41-Hold You - Gus Gus Feat. Páll Óskar Hjálmtýsson (ICE)

40-Deja Vu - Jay-Jay Johanson (SWE)
39-Think Twice - Ralph Myerz & The Jack Herren Band (NOR)

38-Keep Reachin' Up - Nicole Willis Feat. The Soul Investigators (FIN)

37-Summer Sun - Koop Feat. Yukimi Nagano (SWE)
36-Marble House - The Knife Feat. Jay-Jay Johanson (SWE)
35-Would Would You Like To Disco? - Hess Is More (DEN)
34-Free Your Heart - Frost (NOR)
33-David - Gus Gus (ICE)
32-Trying - Nuspirit Helsinki (FIN)
31-My Fantasy - Sally Shapiro (NOR)

30-I Love - Who Made Who (DEN)
29-Eurodans - Todd Terje (NOR)
28-Koop Island Blues - Koop Feat. Ane Brun (SWE)

27-Lay Of The Land (Jimpsters Vocal Version) - Plej (SWE)
26-Hot Lips - Pacific! (SWE)
25-Seven - Fever Ray (SWE)
24-Where Are You - Moonflowers (NOR)
23-Kino (LIve) - The Knife (SWE)
22-Test - Little Dragon (SWE)

21-Getting Closer - Hird (SWE)

20-Ghosts - Beady Belle (NOR)
19-You Take My Breath Away - The Knife Feat. Jenny Wilson (SWE)
18-Declare Independence - Björk (ICE)
17-Would You - Slowpho (NOR)

16-Call Of The Wild - Gus Gus Feat. Jimi Tenor (ICE/FIN)
15-Skin-Deep - Beady Belle (NOR)
14-With Every Heartbeat - Robyn (SWE)
13-Need In Me (12'') - Gus Gus (ICE)
12-Anthonio - Annie (NOR)
11-My Plastic Heart - Frost (NOR)

10-Keep You Kimi (Keep You Hird Plej Remix) - Hird Feat. Yukimi Nagano (SWE)
09-Poor Leno - Röyksopp (NOR)
08-Chewing Gum - Annie (NOR)
07-On The Radio - Jay-Jay Johanson (SWE)
06-The Girl & The Robot - Röyksopp Feat. Robyn (SWE)
05-Hidden Place - Björk (ICE)
04-Silent Shout - The Knife (SWE)
03-Moonlight Dance - Sally Shapiro (NOR)
02-Add This Song - Gus Gus (ICE)

01-Pass This On - The Knife (SWE)

Well? Any other "scandophiles" among u guys?