Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Finnish maestro Jori Hulkkonen teams up with Tiga once again for another delectable, instantly anthemic slice of electro anthem "Woke". The kind of Tiga single which we all adore the most. Carrying some entertaining "Bugatti" and "Shoes" reminiscences, "Woke" electrifies with Tiga's signature catchy spoken phrases, throbbing beats, vocoders and a rather unexpected sax solo towards the track's finale.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Crème de la crème: TOP 25 BEST OF JULY 2017

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "My Lady Héroïne " - Corine (Kwaidan)

24 (N) "Work it Out" - Moullinex feat. Fritz Helder (discotexas)

23 (N) "Loverboy" - Lomboy (Cracki)

22 (RE) "Happy House" - Hard Ton (Luv Shack)

21 (N) "Iteration" - Com Truise (Ghostly International)

20 (N) "Don't Know You" - HEIZE [널 너무 모르고 - 헤이즈] (CJ E&M)

19 (N) "Feels You" - Moad (F2)

18 (N) "Give It To Ya" - Josh Pan feat. ABRA (OWSLA)

17 (N) "You Deserve This" - Men I Trust (self-released)

16 (RE) "Bofou Safou (Henrik Schwarz Remix)" - Amadou & Mariam (Because Music)

15 (N) "Therapy" - Yaeji (GODMODE)

14 (N) "Radius" - Mount Alaska (Language Recordings)

13 (N) "Tokoliana" - KOKOKO! (ici)

12 (N) "What's Your Problem?' - Shay Lia (N.O.T.E.)

11 (1) "Destiny" - GL (self-released)

10 (RE) "Strobe Light" - Little Dragon (Because Music)

9 (N) "Undercover" - Susanne Sundfør (Bella Union)

8 (N) "Midnight" - Jessie Ware (Universal Music)

7 (8) "Ariadna" - Kedr Livanskiy (2MR)

6 (N) "In & Out" - Moon King (Arbutus)

5 (N) "Oh My My" - Smerz (XL Recordings)

4 (3) "Les filles désir" - Vendredi sur Mer (Profil de Face)

3 (2) "Bluecid" - Sevdaliza (Twisted Elegance)

2 (N) "Narcissus" - Róisín Murphy (Lives Through Magic)

1 (N) "Featherlight" - Gus Gus (self-released on Bandcamp)

Thursday, July 27, 2017

CHOON OF THE DAY: "IN & OUT" - Moon King

There is something charmingly unpretentious about this radiant piece of synth pop from Moon King announcing the release of "Hamtramck '16" which you can pre-order now on Bandcamp. "In & Out" is one of those tracks which simply won't leave you alone. The cleverly put together oldskool production, irresistibly catchy melody and the lo-fi-meets-nu disco-meets-dream-pop vibes make it a treat like no other. It'll honestly takes just one play to get you hooked. This is the sound of the summer time.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

SHREM'S WORLDLY DELIGHTS: "Tokoliana" - KOKOKO! /// "Bofou Safou" - Amadou & Mariam + Henrik Schwarz Remix

I'm spicing things up today with two captivating African dancefloor gems.

Débruit protégés KOKOKO! are an alternative collective from Kinshasa, Congo offering an explosion of disco, post punk, electronica and afro-beats with their instantly anthemic "Tokoliana". It's an aural jungle filled with rhythms, sound effects, cowbells and irresistible beats. ESG meets LCD Soundsystem in an underground club somewhere in Central Africa. TUNE!

"Tokoliana" is taken from a double A-side single available now on iTunes and Bandcamp

The Malian duo Amadou & Mariam are an institution at this stage on the global scene of so-called world music, enjoying a devoted following among musos, critics and world music connoisseurs all around the globe. Their latest single, the elevating "Bofou Safou" is available now with a myriad of remixes, one of which particularly stands out. Henrik Schwarz's 8 minute long house mix of the song may well be the greatest remix we've heard so far in 2017. An impossibly seductive invitation to dance.

Friday, July 14, 2017


There is a few reasons why I've chosen to pair up Yaeji and Smerz in one post today.

Both acts currently represent some of the freshest sounds in electronica.

Both were featured among the Top 10 Hottest Newcomers of 2016, ending up on the podium.

Yaeji and Smerz both eagerly mix and match genres, styles and influences, and they will be both performing in Brooklyn tomorrow night at Sunnyvale.

Finally the Norwegian duo and the Korean producer have just released their brand new, delectable, genre-bending singles.

Here's Yaeji's upbeat "Therapy" and Smerz's distorted "Oh My My":

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Biig Piig is a young, husky voiced Irish singer and rapper who has just enchanted us with an infectious slow-jam "24k" serving us some delectable Erykah Badu vibes... I believe this London based artist might just be the next biig thing on the alternative urban scene. The sublimely jazzy, downtempo beat and trumpet-laden "24K" is a scrumptious jam, one that'll go down a treat on a Saturday afternoon.

Kaytranada's collaborator and protégée, the French/Djiboutian Singer Songwriter Shay Lia returns with a sensual number "What's Your Problem?" which already sounds like a brand new essential gem for all the neo-soul and R&B lovers out there. Fresh, addictive and smooth. Your new top groove.