Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Crème de la Shrem: TOP 25 BEST OF APRIL 2019

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "Faded" - Alex Mali feat. Thutmose (EVRMORE / The Blind Youth)

24 (N) "Dangerous" - Shay Lia (self-released)

23 (N) "GECKO" - Coucou Chloé (NUXXE)

22 (N) "Adrenaline" - Rachel Chinouriri (Marathon Artists / Atlas Artists)

21 (RE) "Sebi" - Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl (Universal)

20 (N) "The Hours" - Bella Boo (Studio Barnhus)

19 (N) "Hana Mash Hu Al Yaman" - A-WA (La Sis / S-Curve Records)

18 (N) "Hungry Child" - Hot Chip (Domino Recording)

17 (19) "Cursed and Cussed" - Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE)

16 (N) "Mixer" - Amber Mark (PMR / Virgin EMI)

15 (N) "La Plage" - Bibi Club (self-released)

14 (N) "Numb" - Men I Trust (self-released)

13 (N) "Samba" - Σtella (Arbutus Records)

12 (N) "Come Closer" - Boy Harsher (NUDE CLUB)

11 (4) "Nobody's Fool" - Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)

10 (1) "Darkest Hour" - Sevdaliza (Twisted Elegance)

9 (N) "About It" - Akiine (Color Station)

8 (N) "Sundown Queen" - Buzzy Lee & Tommy Mandel (KRO RECORDS)

7 (N) "Lost Without" - Kindness feat. Seinabo Sey (Female Energy)

6 (N) "Borderline" - Tame Impala (Modular)

5 (N) "Strobelife" - AZARI (Model Future)

4 (N) "One" - Cleo Sol (Forever Living Originals)

3 (N) "Sky Kisses (На танцполе)" - Kedr Livanskiy (2MR)

2 (2) "Encore" - Vendredi sur Mer (Profil de Face)

1 (3) "Starry Night" - Peggy Gou (Gudu Records)

Sunday, May 5, 2019

CHOON OF THE DAY: "LOST WITHOUT" - Kindness feat. Seinabo Sey

Following a stream of collaborative singles with Tawiah, Kelela and Robyn, Adam Bainbridge aka Kindess joins artistic forces with another gifted songstress - Seinabo Sey. The Swedish-Gambian Pop diva joins the gender-non-conforming English artist for a marvellously soulful duet which enchants with rich production, flawless vocal harmonies and an instantly captivating melody, all in equal measures. "Lost Without" is already shaping to be among this year's remarkable singles and both artists have previously been featured high up on my annual Best Of lists - Seinabo Sey's "I Owe You Nothing" was #10 among Top 100 of 2018 and Kindess' "This Is Not About Us" was #19 among Top 100 of 2014.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


Photo by Mégane Voghell

Bibi Club
is a Montreal based duo consisting of singer-keyboardist Adèle Trottier-Rivard and guitarist Nicolas Basque. Their self-released debut single "La Plage" is exactly the kind of mellow indie synth-pop moment I was in need of to cool off when the summer heat kicked in. The song is a charming slice of indie pop with an absorbing production and instantly memorable melody. One can only dream this aural pleasure could last a little bit longer with the track clocking at a modest 2.29. Somewhere between the musical worlds of Young Galaxy, Munya and Men I Trust, all of which happen to be Canadian as well. Sublime and promising.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Crème de la Shrem: TOP 25 BEST OF MARCH 2019

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "Mirror" - Grace Ives (Dots Per Inch Music)

24 (N) "Rocks" - Kornél Kovács feat. Rebecca & Fiona (Studio Barnhus)

23 (N) "Don't Waste My Time" - Saults (Forever Living Originals)

22 (N) "POTIONS" - J-E-T-S feat. Dawn Richard (Innovative Leisure)

21 (N) "My Own Heaven" - Bea1991 (self-released)

20 (N) "Auaati (Acid Arab Remix)" - Léonie Pernet feat. Hanaa Ouassim (CryBaby)

19 (9) "Cursed and Cussed" - Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE)

18 (RE) "A No No" - Mariah Carey (Epic Records)

17 (N) "Neon Lights" - Moon King feat. Vespre (Arbutus Records)

16 (N) "Un air de fête" - Corine (Kwaidan)

15 (N) "New Kind" - Gabe Gurnsey (Phantasy Sound)

14 (4) "Turkish Delight" - Roses Gabor (AllPoints)

13 (N) "Telemóveis" - Conan Osíris (Ao sul do Mundo)

12 (N) "Patience" - Tame Impala (Modular)

11 (N) "The Leap" - Angelica Bess feat. Machinedrum (IAMSIAM)

10 (10) "Send to Robin Immediately" - Robyn (Konichiwa Records)

9 (N) "Comme si (Honey Dijon Remix)" - Christine & The Queens (Because Music)

8 (2) "LA" - Boy Harsher (NUDE CLUB)

7 (N) "Like A Lady" - Chaka Khan (Diary Records/Island)

6 (3) "Incapable" - Crooked Man feat. Róisín Murphy (Bitter End)

5 (N) "Cry Everything" - Kindness feat. Robyn (Female Energy)

4 (1) "Nobody's Fool" - Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)

3 (N) "Starry Night" - Peggy Gou (Gudu Records)

2 (N) "Encore" - Vendredi sur Mer (Profil de Face)

1 (N) "Darkest Hour" - Sevdaliza (Twisted Elegance)