Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Crème de la Shrem: TOP 25 BEST OF JANUARY 2019

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "It's All About You" - MUNYA (Luminelle Recordings)

24 (N) "Daddy" - Lafawndah (CONCORDIA)

23 (N) "Hello Happiness" - Chaka Khan (Diary Records/Island)

22 (N) "I'm Not In Love" - Kelsey Lu (Columbia Records)

21 (N) "Corine" - Corine (Kwaidan)

20 (N) "I Don't Care" - 박혜진 park hye jin (

19 (N) "A Day Without You" - Cherushii & Maria Minerva (100% Silk)

18 (N) "A No No" - Mariah Carey (Epic Records)

17 (N) "Brasiliko" - Kapote (Toy Tonics)

16 (N) "Ordinary Pleasure" - Toro Y Moi (Carpark Records)

15 (N) "One Night In Paris" - Josh Caffe (International DeeJay Gigolo)

14 (N) "Let's Go Dancing" - Horse Meat Disco feat. Amy Douglas (Glitterbox)

13 (N) "Cherry On Top" - Lou Hayter (self-released)

12 (N) "Casio" - Jungle (XL Recordings)

11 (N) "Tell Me (Doko Mien)" - Ibibio Sound Machine (Merge Records)

10 (N) "Ever Again" - Robyn (Konichiwa Records)

9 (N) "Birdsong" - Rosie Lowe (Wolfe Tone)

8 (N) "Barefoot in the Park" - James Blake feat. ROSALÍA (Polydor)

7 (N) "Wounded" - VEE 303 (self-released)

6 (1) "The Rumble" - Róisín Murphy (The Vinyl Factory)

5 (N) "Gots to Give the Girl" - unperfect (XENOMANIA)

4 (N) "Naked City" - Glass Candy (Italians Do It Better)

3 (N) "High Lights" - Charlotte Adigéry (DEEWEE)

2 (N) "LA" - Boy Harsher (NUDE CLUB)

1 (N) "Incapable" - Crooked Man feat. Róisín Murphy (Bitter End)

Saturday, February 2, 2019


Last time I was THIS excited about a new girl band was when Sugababes' dropped their magnificent debut single "Overload" back in 2000... Well maybe once more when I heard "(H)Ours" by Juce 3 years ago. Any information about this up & coming quartet is scarce at the minute but what we know is that Unperfect have just released one of the most sophisticated, effortlessly cool pop singles I've heard in months. A mélange of genres, surprising choice of instruments and delectably subtle 90's echoes make "Gots to Give the Girl" such an instantly appealing, somewhat familiar and immediately catchy groove. On top of the sleek production, these girls can also sing! I'm gonna keep an eye on Soipan, Chloe, Tiah and Siobhan as I sense big things just around the corner.

And here are the songs by Sugababes and Juce I mentioned above:

Friday, January 25, 2019


It seemed impossible to top Charlotte Adigéry's previous single, the tribal-beat throbbing, highly entrancing "Paténipat" which sounded unlike anything else we heard throughout 2018. Now the Belgian-Martiniquaise singer, also known in muso circles for her side project WWWater, is enticing us with another song announcing the release of her 2nd EP "Zandoli" scheduled for 8th Feb via DEEWEE. "High Lights" is an entertainingly eccentric ode to synthetic wigs in the form of a kooky synth-pop number which is strangely catchy in its own unique way. What better a tune to revive my Club Bizarre thread with.

And here's "Paténipat" again in case you missed it...

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Photo by Matt Hass

It hasn't even been 2 weeks since I was honoured to welcome Amy Douglas here who kindly selected a deliciously eclectic Perfect Party Playlist of hers to inaugurate the 10th year of my adventure as a music blogger and I am thrilled again to share another very special list, curated exclusively for my blog by Josh Caffe. I've been following this London-based DJ, producer and vocalist closely ever since the release of Punks Jump Up's single "Give It to Me" which fittingly featured Robert Owens whom I also deeply admire in the house music department. Whether it's through his recent solo underground releases or his frequent and fruitful collaborations with a whole entourage of fellow dance and electronica enthusiasts, PJU, Lauren Flax, Hannah Holland or Hypnotic Lovers (to name just a few!), Josh Caffe continues to intrigue, surprise and add a darker twist, a mysterious tone to your usual club anthems. His Perfect Party Playlist selection is suitably diverse, unpredictable and off-kilter. Enjoy!

Connect with Josh Caffe:



1. "Clock Strikes" - Timbaland and Magoo

He was a big part of the underground RnB sound in the ‘90s that was coming out of Virginia, together with Missy Elliot and DeVante Swing. I was blown away by how they fused RnB with hip-hop with Detroit electro and house. When I heard the ‘One In A Million’ album and Ginuwine’s ‘The Bachelor’, I remember thinking not only how well produced they were but also where had this new sound come from? It was such a break away from the rest of the RnB productions that were on the radio and charts then. His ability back then to mix all these genres into a new hybrid inspired me a lot.

2. "Everybody's Soft" - Soft Pink Truth

This is track is so busy with samples but works well. I remember coming across the Do You Party? album for the first time and having it on repeat for ages. Everything from disco, booty bass, funk to electro, all melted into a beautiful chaotic music ball.

3. "Generate Power (Wild Pitch Mix)" - Photon, Inc. feat. Paula Brion

This is a track I play regularly, love it to death. When I first started making music, Wild Pitch tracks were really inspiring. I love how simple yet genius they are, dropping layer onto layer of strings, repetitive vocal samples. Hearing them in a club really gets me dancing.

4. "When a Thought Becomes You" - Blake Baxter

Blake Baxter is a true Detroit pioneer. His productions have stood the test of time and continue to inspire me. This track has all the elements I love in a vocal techno track, sexy, sleazy, seductive. I like playing this sped up at the end of my dj sets.

5. "Futurama" - David Carretta

A very nostalgic track. I discovered this on an old Gigolo International compilation, but its originally from the Le Catalogue Electronique record. This was played regularly at club nights Nag Nag and The Cock at Ghetto which are sadly no longer around.

6. "Lucida Obscura" - Crossover

For me Crossover have continuously managed to create quite interesting and diverse electro albums. Plus they're great live too. This is my fave track from they're first album Fantasmo.

7. "Start a Fire (The Carry Nation remix)" - Black Gold Buffalo

Hannah Holland plays bass in this band with fierceness Keziah on vocals. This dubby, tripped out acid remix from The Carry Nation is a gem. BGB recently put out they're first album on Batty Bass Records and if you love Cocteau Twins, you'll love this.

8. "Callin' On Me" - Matt Martians

The Internet really embody the alternative r'n'b/neo soul sound coming from LA and this track is taken from founding member, Matt's solo EP, The Drum Chord Theory. Its got a really nice 90's hip hop groove.

9. "I Know Now" - Ojerime

She's my girl crush. The video for this track is pretty cool too, very Aaliyah. I listen to her album at home while working. Very Nostalgic. Check out her EP Fang2001, moody r'n'b at its best.

10. "Streetplayer (Mechanik)" - Fashion

Classic, dramatic 80's new wave realness. AND a powerful video to match (soooo many lewks). This track has a post punk/ska feel to it that I love. Their Fabrique album is their best work in my opinion.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: "HELLO HAPPINESS" + Top 20 Greatest Chaka Khan Singles

Chaka, Chaka, Chaka, Chaka Khan! To celebrate the release of Chaka Khan's brand new single, the immediately captivating "Hello Happiness", heralding the arrival of her first solo album since 2007, I have compiled a very special list. Spanning across over 4 decades of funk, soul, R&B and a multitude of exhilarating collaborations, here are the top 20 Greatest singles from the Chicago born living musical legend.


20 "Everlasting Love" (1977) [with Rufus]

19 "Eye to Eye" (1985)

18 "Clouds" (1980)

17 "Heed the Warning" (1981)

16 "Watch What You Say" (1995) [with Guru]

15 "I Know You, I Live You" (1981)

14 "All Good?" (2000) [with De La Soul]

13 "(Krush Groove) Can't Stop the Street" (1985)

12 "Through The Fire" (1984)

11 "What Cha' Gonna Do For Me" (1981)

10 "Never Miss The Water" (1996) [with Me'Shell Ndegéocello]

9 "Love You All My Lifetime" (1992)

8 "Sweet Thing" (1975) [with Rufus]

7 "Papillon (Aka Hot Butterfly)" (1980)

6 "Any Love" (1980) [with Rufus]

5 "Like Sugar" (2018)

4 "Ain't Nobody" (1983)

3 "I Feel For You" (1984)

2 "I'm Every Woman" (1978)

1 "This Is My Night" (1984)