Thursday, October 8, 2015


I would file this curious collaboration between the garage producer Lxury and the enfant terrible of musical eclecticism LA Priest somewhere between The Miracles Club's underground house delicacies and Seven Davis Jr's gritty modern funk. Sounds pretty intriguing already? Listen to this latest addition to my "Club Bizarre" thread below, bearing in mind this hypnotising house gem does not go away that easily. "Show" is out now via Greco-Roman.

Here are the reminders of my previous favourite tracks by Lxury and LA Priest individually:

Monday, October 5, 2015


I'm sure you must have noticed by now that I fall for male vocals rather rarely but when I came across Jamie Woon and his velvet voice for the very first time, discovering "Night Air" and "Lady Luck" back in 2011, it was sort of a revelation. Serenading his electronic soul tales, Woon's impeccable productions lie somewhere between James Blake, SOHN and Jamie Lidell. "Sharpness" is a delectable slice of neo-soul setting the tone smoothly for the London singer's second album "Making Time" set to be released 6th November 2015 via Polydor. The understated "Message" works up an appetite for this evident musical feast even more. You wouldn't be exaggerating calling Jamie Woon a crooner of a modern era, with his impressive vocal capabilities and subtly oldfashioned melodies with a contemporary twist. This autumn season is shaping up to be truly elegant and memorable.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Melbourne’s cosmic-funk revivalists from GL have just released their brand new single "Number One" which follows a similar 80s flavoured path as its excellent predecessors "Take Me Back" and "What Happened To Us?".  I'm on cloud nine seeing some of my most beloved 1980's sounds being revisited so accurately these days by the likes of GL, Sugarz, Jamie Lidell or The Galleria feat. Jessy Lanza. Here's what we read on Plastic World's soundcloud about "Number One":

"An infectious treat of glowing synths, stratospheric vocals and luxurious neon-lit pop, "Number One" will enchant first time listeners as well as satiate fans of their debut EP ‘Love Hexagon’ in need of a GL fix."


Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Anne Lilia Berge-Strand, better known simply as Annie, has collaborated with Richard X on many a Pop classic. The ageless hit "Chewing Gum", the anthemic "Songs Remind Me of You" or the entire "A&R EP" with the phenomenal "Invisible" or the ultra-catchy "Back Together" are just a few examples of their fruitful legacy. Pure Pop Perfection is what I like to call their joint efforts! Now Annie returns with "Cara Mia" an uplifting synth-pop gem dipped in Balearic synths heralding the arrival of the Norwegian singer's most anticipated "Endless Vacation" EP coming out 16 October via Pleasure Masters. Flawless again. Absolutely flawless.

Sunday, September 27, 2015


"Destiny" - Akiine's previous single stole my heart completely and immediately when I discovered it first back in May. Now the enigmatic Swedish songstress announces the release of "Neptune" EP (out via Color Station 30th October) which promises to be a truly fascinating journey through electronic soul, future R&B and the less explored darker corners of synth-pop. "Paranormal Activity" accentuates Akiine's unique potential as a startlingly mature vocalist, for a young dame of music like herself, and a classy songwriter. The song beguiles with its delicate array of bleeps, micro-beats and sonic ripples. It's like an imaginary Lali Puna collaboration with Björk around her "Vespertine" era... Subtle, alluring and hauntingly beautiful.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "GET IT RIGHT" - Catz 'n Dogz feat. Tanika /// "EVIL EYES (Catz ‘n Dogz Remix)" - Róisín Murphy

Even though Catz 'N Dogz have a very solid following and a reliable reputation around dance circles at this stage, somehow I have only come across this Berlin based Polish electro crew when Róisín Murphy released her remix action packed "Evil Eyes" EP. The Polish dj's and producers are teasing the release of their 3rd studio LP "Basic Colour Theory" with "Get It Right" featuring Tanika who guest appeared on the record alongside Green Velvet, Egle Sirvydyte and Javeon. It's a full blast electro house stomper fitting somewhere frivolously between Peaches and Tiga. The track is accompanied by one of this year's most memorable videos. Catz 'N Dogz remix for La Murphy is a 7 minute deep house escapade adding an extra bit of colour to this already cult single from the Irish chanteuse. Aji Maji La Taraji and make some magic happen with Catz 'N Dogz and Róisín Murphy who is perfoming this evening live at Later with Jools Holland on BBC2.

Photo of Róisín Murphy by KAI MÜLLER.