Tuesday, October 16, 2018

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: "OVERTIME" + Top 15 Jessie Ware Club Diva Moments

The arrival of Jessie Ware's surprising new single "Overtime", the irresistibly anthemic, Bicep-produced club belter, inspired me to revisit this lesser-known side to the soul singer's repertoire. One of Britain's finest vocalists, Ware is prone to a sonic excursion into a more electronica-oriented territory. Through uptempo singles, classic remixes and stimulating collaborations, Jessie Ware spices up her impressive catalogue with club sounds, masterly balancing between UK Garage, various incarnations of house music, urban beats and drum'n'bass...

15 "Cruel (Klaves Remix)" (2015)

14 "No To Love (George Fitzgerald Remix)" (2012)

13 "Right Thing to Do" - SBTRKT feat. Jessie Ware (2011)

12 "Sweet Talk (Cyril Hahn Remix)" (2012)

11 "Champagne Kisses (TCTS Remix)" (2015)

10 "Peppermint" - Julio Bashmore feat. Jessie Ware (2014)

9 "Alone (Toddla T Remix)" (2017)

"Nervous" - Jessie Ware & SBTRKT (2010)

"Wildest Moments (T. Williams Remix)" (2012)

"Imagine It Was Us" (2013)

"Midnight (Peggy Gou's After Midnight Mix)" (2017)

"Confess To Me" - Disclosure Feat Jessie Ware (2013)

3 "110%" (2012)

2 "Aaliyah" - Katy B feat. Jessie Ware (2012)

1 "Running (Disclosure Remix)" (2012)

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Every now and then, there comes an artist whose compatibility with my music taste seems almost suspicious. It was that aural fondness I immediately felt stumbling upon the Swiss artist Vendredi sur Mer for the very first time back in 2016 with her captivating electro POP recitation "La Femme à la Peau Bleue". What followed was Charline Mignot's debut EP "Marée Basse" which scored #2 among Top 20 Best EPs of 2017. Vendredi sur Mer beguiles with her half-whispered, half-sung sonic escapades into synth-pop and charmingly old-fashioned French Chanson. The melodies, the lavish arrangements, the artwork and the videos are a luxurious mixture of kitsch, glamour, erotica and camp. All en français!!! If this wasn't enough this Geneva-born chanteuse I am clearly quite obsessed with at the moment, has just returned with her most impressive work to date - the sumptuous "Écoute Chérie" a late but very viable contender for both 2018 Video and Song of the Year. I'm in love...

And here are Vendredi sur Mer's previous singles:

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Crème de la Shrem: TOP 25 BEST OF SEPTEMBER 2018

Exclusive artwork: Les Cullinan Designs

25 (N) "Le Soleil Dans Le Monde" - Domenique Dumont (self-released)

24 (5) "Falling For You (Virginia Remix)" - Shaun J. Wright & Alinka (Twirl)

23 (N) "Heat 1" - Shinichi Atobe (DDS)

22 (N) "Shotgun" - Sirens Of Lesbos (self-released)

21 (N) "Sex Paranoïa" - Goldilox (Room 108)

20 (N) "Topdown" - Channel Tres (GODMODE)

19 (N) "Irrelevant" - Abby Diamond (Majestic Casual Records)

18 (2) "Plaything" - Róisín Murphy (The Vinyl Factory)

17 (N) "Ridiculous (Hard Ton Remix)" - Jessica 6 (Park Side Records)

16 (N) "Saint" - Blood Orange (Domino Recording)

15 (9) "When I'm With Him" - Empress Of (Terrible Records)

14 (N) "Petrol Blue" - Sink Ya Teeth (Hey Buffalo Records)

13 (4) "Like" - Róisín Murphy (The Vinyl Factory)

12 (N) "Whitney" - Gavin Turek (self-released)

11 (1) "Give Me Life" - Midnight Magic (Soul Clap Records)

10 (N) "Nagasaki" - Nosowska (Kayax)

9 (N) "Never Saw It Coming" - Amy Douglas (DFA)

8 (N) "Good In You" - Seinabo Sey (Saraba AB/Universal)

7 (N) "One More" - Yaeji (self-released)

6 (N) "Westside" - Fatima (Eglo Records)

5 (N) "Can't Hang On" - Róisín Murphy (The Vinyl Factory)

4 (N) "Maquillage" - Corine (Kwaidan Records)

3 (19) "La Marcheuse" - Christine & The Queens (Because Music)

2 (N) "Honey" - Robyn (Konichiwa Records)

1 (N) "Jacuzzi Rollercoaster" - Róisín Murphy feat. Ali Love (The Vinyl Factory)

Tuesday, October 2, 2018


The ever so prolific Johnny Jewel and his muse Ida No, the pair behind the cult Glass Candy act have just shared their brand new song "Naked City" which had premiered earlier on today during Chanel Spring 2019 Collection fashion show. Italians Do It Better confirmed the long-anticipated track to be officially released in January 2019. This is Glass Candy's first new material since their hypnotising cover of Herb Alpert's "Rise" back in 2014 promising some more sweet surprises for all the Glass Candy devotees to follow next year...

Saturday, September 29, 2018

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "ONE MORE" - Yaeji /// "FOCUS (Yaeji Remix)" - Charli XCX

Yaeji is keeping herself busy with this double offering of new sounds. The Korean producer is serving her brand new track "One More" together with a delightful remix of Charli XCX's "Focus" she has adorned with her own vocals. The pulsating "One More" brings back sweet memories of her earliest works such as "New York 93" or "Feel It Out", mixing house and electronica elements in her own signature kooky style.

Here's how Yaeji herself describes the mood of the track and its eclectic and ever-changing production on her Instagram account:

"I started writing this track while experiencing deep growing pains. I felt lost in my life's quick change of pace, and was betrayed by someone I trusted. I needed to write this song to understand what was happening around me. Throughout the next few months, I kept revisiting the track, adding and taking away bits, changing the synth completely, rewriting a part of the lyrics—it was a constantly changing piece that documented the process of my transformation. Listening to the earliest version of the song through its evolution, I remembered the times I was confused or angry, processed those feelings, understood my pains, and finally felt like I gained a bit of control over it all. "One More" is about enduring and coming to terms with pain until you have the strength to forgive and move on."

Sunday, September 16, 2018

LA MURPHY SAGA CONTINUES: "JACUZZI ROLLERCOASTER" / "CAN'T HANG ON" [with Maurice Fulton & Ali Love] - Róisín Murphy

So here it is, the 3rd chapter in the ever so captivating collaborative saga between Róisín Murphy and Maurice Fulton. The "Jacuzzi Rollercoaster" / "Can't Hang On" single is featuring London based singer Ali Love whom you may know, aside from his solo projects, from his previous joint efforts with Freeform Five, Luca C & Brigante & Hot Natured, all of whom would have also joined artistic forces in the past with La Murphy herself. "Jacuzzi Rollercoaster" is a full-flavoured slice of mid-tempo electronic-funk-meets-synth-pop, embellished with some rather delectable 1980's R&B reminiscences. The track certainly fits into the Irish artist's very own description of her current sound "My kind of dancing: all low and funky, allowing itself to be a little out of control". The throbbing "Can't Hang On" on the other hand is an invincible dancefloor-ready stomper with layers of Murphy's vocals.

The single was preceded by the equally vibrant double offerings of "All My Dreams" / "Innocence" and "Plaything" / "Like".

"Jacuzzi Rollercoaster" and "Can't Hang On" are both available now on all digital outlets and you can pre-order your own copy of the limited edition 12" via The Vinyl Factory ahead of its 22nd September release.

The very talented Portuguese New Yorker Bráulio Amado designed all the exclusive artwork for the whole series of these four exhilarating 12" singles produced by Maurice Fulton. Roll on October release of "The Rumble" / "World's Crazy" combo.