Saturday, July 18, 2015


Are you ready to be blown away? If you haven't heard about THΔ DΔRKWΔVE DUCHΞSS aka Arba and you're digging the ever so expanding alternative R&B scene as much as myself you're up for a treat. Abra is a female sensation combining all the best elements from the genre's last 3 decades, mixing them up with a healthy dose of analog instrumentation and electronica to a mind-blowing effect of a sonic cocktail of experimental R&B, pretty much impossible to resist for any soul-loving musos in the house. "Roses" currently sits comfortably at #1 on my private chart and it's not going anywhere. An absolutely astonishing, truly original musical effort with some of the most divine vocals I've heard all year so far in 2015. When I dug deeper into Abra's debut album "Rose", it left me astounded as to how was she able to create such a unique body of work that sounds both surprisingly oldskool and enticingly futuristic in the same time. Raw and exquisite talent.