Wednesday, May 13, 2015

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "À BOUCHE QUE VEUX-TU (Yuksek Remix)" - Brigitte /// "SLOWLY" - Siroj feat. Ayden

We have two ultimate summer anthems on the horizon guys! First up Parisian duo Brigitte and their latest single "À Bouche Que Veux-Tu" remixed, revamped and pimped up by the indestructible Yuksek himself. This is summer scented shiny disco music, a new saturday night essential and the latest in the catalogue of French Touch anthems.

The second track comes from a Dutch producer Siroj who made me forget about that disappointingly mediocre new Disclosure single from last week almost instantly. "Slowly" is anything but and it's a UK garage banger of epic proportions that you won't get rid off that easily. Highly addictive and irresistibly catchy!