Monday, September 24, 2012

CHOON OF THE DAY: "JUICY LUCY (NEEDS A BOOGIEMAN) - Jupiter + Punks Jump Up & Little Boots Remixes

Parisian duo Jupiter, alongside Chromeo and Electric Youth, takes the lead in reviving all sounds 80's. It's the scrumptious mixture of those charmingly old-fashioned synths, irresistible melodies and in the case of Jupiter, that sweet French accent... "Juicy Lucy", the title track and the 4th single already taken from their delectable debut album. Pure joy. Pure Pop Perfection. And on a side note London based Punks Jump Up deliver one of the finest mixes to date! It just gave me a little nerdy idea about another list I should compile soon...

  Juicy Lucy (Needs A Boogieman) by Jupiter (official)