Wednesday, May 30, 2012

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Top 10 Favourite Madonna Tour Performances

What other list could I compile on a day before Madonna opens her 9th world tour in Tel Aviv? Following countless of similar rankings all over Internet, including the smashing selection by HardCandyMusic, here's my very subjective collection of all my favourite tour performances by La Ciccone. Here they are:

10 "FROZEN" ("Drowned World Tour", 2001)

09 "LIVE TO TELL" ("Confessions Tour", 2006)

08 "INTO THE GROOVE" ("The Virgin Tour", 1985)

07 "LIKE A VIRGIN" ("Blond Ambition Tour", 1990)

06 "FUTURE LOVERS" ("Confessions Tour", 2006)

05 "EXPRESS YOURSELF" ("Blond Ambition Tour", 1990)

04 "JUSTIFY MY LOVE" ("The Girlie Show", 1993)

03 "EROTICA/YOU THRILL ME" ("Confessions Tour", 2006)

02 "VOGUE" ("Blond Ambition Tour", 1990)

01 "CAUSING A COMMOTION" ("Who's That Girl Tour", 1987)