Wednesday, February 3, 2010


and so the story of THE NOUGHTIES continues...

180 - EURODANS - Todd Terje - it's like sonic holidays with palms, beaches, turquoise sea and colourful cocktails with umbrellas;-)

179 - HYPH MNGO - Joy Orbison - the most danceable piece of dubstep ever created, hypnotic!

178 - SLOW - Kylie Minogue - using "Poor F***ers" in her lyrics might as well b as scandalous as Kylie would ever go, but I can't deny it is that one song Madonna is probably still jealous of... Such a saucy video too...

177 - DAY OF THE SUNFLOWERS (WE MARCH ON) - Basement Jaxx Feat. Yoko Ono - the album edit is ace, this on the other hand is a tv performance chez Jools Holland with Yoko's hilarious timing, ah bless...

176 - CASCADES OF COLOUR - The Ananda Project Feat. Gaelle - certain Tracey Thorn would totally agree with me on the brilliance of this deep house anthem

175 - GIRL LIKE YOU - Bertine Zetlitz - when one of my favourite producers of all time Richard X spread his magic for the first time on this hugely successful single in Bertine's homeland - Norway

174 - TWERK - Basement Jaxx Feat. Yo Majesty! - NOTE!: it's the very original 12" version not the latter SCARS album version of the song, a dancefloor stomper big time!

173 - RUBY BLUE - Róisín Murphy - well needles 2 say there will be plenty of La Murphy moments in my countdown as she was indisputably the most important artiste of the decade in my private ranking, RUBY BLUE was initially released on the first of three "Sequins" 12" singles and became the title track of Róisín's first solo album, the nu jazz masterpiece produced by the scarily talented Matthew Herbert

172 - GET UR FREAK ON - Missy Elliott

171 - PWSteal.Ldpinch.D - Aphex Twin - Richard D. James = GENIUS

the next 10 of the list should be up again 2morrow... X