Friday, February 12, 2010


The last bit of my musical absurdities b4 the weekend properly kicks in...

140 - KEEP YOUR WORRIES - Guru Feat. Angie Stone - such a bouncy little number, try 2 find the live performance @ Jools Holland with the mighty Herbie Hancock guest appearing, one of my boyfriend's all time favourite songs

139 - MOSS - Gus Gus - when club scene goes poetic lyrics, massive tune with the voice of Daníel Ágúst - one of Iceland's most prominent vocalists,

138 - MAXIMUS - Beni Feat. Sam Sparro - even better than BLACK & GOLD! I found a cool little review of it HERE and I simply can't add anything 2 it

137 - WOULD WOULD YOU LIKE TO DISCO? - Hess Is More - Danish kooky club cacophony


135 - OCALE CIE - Reni Jusis

134 - ALWAYS - Bent

133 - MUCHOMORY/HUJAWIAK - Maria Peszek - right I am slightly cheating here... I just couldn't decide which one 2 pick, I adore them both equally, one of my homeland's most promising talents

132 - SAMBA DA BÊNÇÃO - Bebel Gilberto - a truly brazilian experience, João Gilberto's daughter and her very own interpretation of bossa nova around samples taken from PERMUTATION by Amon Tobin -one of Brazil's most creative electronica artists

131 - MISSY QUEEN'S GONNA DIE - Tok Tok Vs Soffy O. - electroclash anthem made in Germany