Thursday, February 26, 2015

SHREM'S LIST OBSESSION: Midnight Magic's Top 10 Most Magical Cosmic Disco Anthems

I have been following Midnight Magic's sounds almost religiously since they dropped their bombastic and instantly anthemic debut 12" "Beam Me Up". The one that included that legendary Jacques Renault remix. This Brooklyn cosmic disco ensemble with the charismatic and vocally sensational Tiffany Roth then continued to spoil us with numerous records, EP's and an exuberant debut LP via a whole array of cult labels, the likes of Scion Audio/Visual, Soul Clap and Permanent Vacation. Now that Midnight Magic are starting their mini tour in Europe and the band is in the middle of recording their 2nd album I thought it would be rather fitting to go over their vibrant catalogue of songs so far and cherry-pick the ones I admire the most.

Hidden Agenda are bringing Midnight Magic to Opium Rooms, Dublin this Saturday. Buy your ticket HERE.

Here's the latest in the series of my very subjective list: Midnight Magic's Top 10 Most Magical Cosmic Disco Anthems:

#10 "Vicious Love"

#9 "I Found Love" (with Tommie Sunshine)

#8 "Midnight Creepers"

#7 "Night Flight"

#6 "Calling Out"

#5 "Beam Me Up"

#4 "Someone's Watching Me"

#3 "Walking The Midnight Streets"

#2 "Drop Me A Line"

#1 "Trouble T"