Tuesday, October 1, 2013

CHOON OF THE DAY: "VIVA LA BREA" - Steed Lord feat. Jakob Frímann Magnússon

After a spectacular year of new music in 2012, my favourite Icelandic band Steed Lord continue to impress first with the phenomenal remix of their own "Ghost Of Sky" and now also with this brand new collaborative effort with the apparently legendary jazz musician from their homeland Jakob Frímann Magnússon aka JFM. "Viva La Brea" is a flamboyant piece of hedonistic disco, a heavenly melodic ode to Los Angeles and a feel-good ditty with some subtle jazz references and another stellar vocal performance from the one and only Kali. Seriously good and the Scandinavian trio's consistency in delivering real gems like this one is simply astonishing. I can't stop humming the chorus away, delectable!

JFM x STEED LORD 'Viva La Brea' by Steed Lord