Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SHREM'S FUTURE ANTHEMS: "MERMAID OF SALINAS" - Basement Jaxx + "What A Difference Your Love Makes (Huxley Remix)"

It seems I can't stop blogging about Basement Jaxx these days but I seriously haven't been that excited about their new material in almost a decade! While "What A Difference Your Love Makes" might possibly be one of the songs of the year (and definitely the best video in 2013 so far!) they're also offering a treasure of a b-side "Mermaid Of Salinas" - a slice of multi-coloured explosion of irresistible samba beats. The London duo could always afford to drop such quality tunes as bonus tracks only, an overload of talent and creativity that they are. This is the "Bingo Bango" of 2013. Superb! The single is out 29th September.

What A Difference Your Love Makes (HUXLEY REMIX) by Basement Jaxx

And here's "Bingo Bango" again while we're at it: