Saturday, January 19, 2013


Exactly one year ago I have picked this song as one of 10 best track in 2011. I have been quite fond of Cody Critcheloe and his flamboyant crew for a good few years at this stage. SSION's decadent mélange of electro, punk and dance, combined with extravagant live shows and videos, proved on so many occasions to be superior to pretty much anything that's happening on the pop scene these days. "Luvvbazaar" stands out solidly as the most spectacular moment on their zealously eclectic record "Bent". I've been waiting impatiently for this video for so long and let me tell you it was worth all the wait. Directed by Mitch Moore and Mr Critcheloe himself, the video is a luscious camp feast which could be set in Club Silencio from "Mulholland Drive", it features some dazzling cameos (I spotted my favourite Alexis Blair Penney and Colin Self among others) and has some wonderfully twisted ideas like using that annoying Alicia Keys' New York song I normally loathe. It all strangely make perfect sense together. And once again WHAT A SONG!