Saturday, September 15, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "PRZYZNAJ SIĘ" - June feat. Nosowska /// "ROZSZCZEP" - Nosowska

Katarzyna Nosowska is the most worshipped of all female artists in my homeland, Poland. The cult following of her band Hey is unheard of and incomparable with any other Polish bands of the past few decades. What I cherish Nosowska the most for is her solo projects though. Her fascinating excursions into more exprimental electronic soundscapes and more lavish productions are always a pure thrill. Last week to my absolute delight, Nosowska released a magnificent video accompanying the most uncompromising of the songs from her latest album "8" which also happens to be my number one favourite Polish song last year. Exuberant both lyrically and sonically! The other track is "Przyznaj Się" where she guest appeared on a tune by the relatively unknown band - June. Looks like she'll score a number one in my books for the second consecutive year...

   7 - Przyznaj Się JUNE feat. Katarzyna Nosowska by Kayax Label