Friday, September 21, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "FOREVERMORE" /// "ATTITUDE" [with System of Survival] - Shaun J. Wright

Shaun J. Wright must be currently my favourite of all male vocalists. The velvet timbre of his voice turns any song into sonic gold. The next few months will see some of his most anticipated collaborations with Stereogamous and Kiddy Sm!le to be finally released. In the meantime we were treated to "Attitude" a moody slice of urban house on System of Survival's album "Needle and Thread". It's a good opportunity to remind ourselves of the utter-brilliance of his debut solo single from last year "Forevermore". Such a sleek tune, gives me goosebumps each time... Finally if you missed out on it before, here's a very eclectic and saucy selection of tunes which Shaun kindly cherry-picked
for this exclusive "Perfect Party Playlist" for me.

'EPHEMERAL NATURE' a film by Gsus Lopez from Gsus Lopez on Vimeo.

  07 System Of Survival - Attitude feat. Shaun J. Wright Teaser by Bookmacdotcom