Monday, June 4, 2012

SHREM'S LATE MONDAY NIGHT SESSIONS... "TAKE ME HIGH (Bart B More Remix)" - Cubic Zirconia + "REMEMBER" - Kingdom feat. Tiombe Lockheart

I've got two fierce and wonderfully twisted dancefloor oddities for you this evening. Both tunes are graced with the haunting vocals of Miss Tiombe Lockheart and both tracks appear here for the very first time despite a rather heavy rotation on my iTunes for the past few months. I first shared "Take Me High" in its original version back in the summer 2011. Bart B More provides this dirrrrty house remix of the tune aptly accompanied by the flashy video. And there's no stopping there, we continue with Cubic Zirconia's singer guest appearance on Kingdom's trance-inducing "Remember". Such a talented lady!

   Kingdom "Remember" f. Tiombe Lockhart by foolsgoldrecs