Monday, March 5, 2012

SHREM'S DOUBLE TROUBLE: "I CAN'T HELP IT" - The Miracles Club /// "DREAMS (The Miracles Club Remix)" - Cadillac

Even though I came across "I Can't Help It" for the first time at the beginning of last December, it made such an instant impression on me, it ended up among top 20 best songs of the year in my ranking a few weeks after. With all the end-of-the-year hype in January I have completely missed the flamboyant video treatment this absolute gem received. If you're digging their very own, immediately recognisable take on house music, as much as me, you should head to their freshly created soundcloud for more juicy retro-futuristic beats and underground anthems such as "I Can't Help It" or their hypnotising remix for Cadillac's "Dreams". I'd also bookmark their E C S T A S Y blog and who knows you might end dancing in their brand new video...

The Miracles Club - "I Can't Help It" from Experimental ½ Hour on Vimeo.

Cadillac - Dreams (Miracles Club Remix) by The Miracles Club