Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crème de la crème: JULY 2011

20 (N) - "Funky Dame" - Greatest Hits - gritty disco punk from the band aptly described as the one with the most google unfriendly name out there...

19 (N) - "Girl Talk" - Justin Faust - when instrumental tunes get really really catchy

18 (N) - "Conte d'été (Afrofunk Version)" - Exotica - Mademoiselle Clara Cometti gracing this summer gem with the cutest French accent possible,
très très chic

17 (N) - "When the Night Falls (Breakbot Remix)" - Chromeo feat. Solange Knowles - Beyoncé's cool sister teams up with 1980's reinventing Canadians for their final single from last year's "Business Casual"... House maestro Breakbot sprinkles some French Touch all over it with this funky remix

When The Night Falls (Breakbot Remix) by Chromeo

16 (N) - "Open Heart Surgery" - Beth Ditto - and so the forth and final track from La Ditto's solo EP ends up in my top 20 marking it 6 out of 7 months this year on my crème de la crème

15 (N) - "Foreign Language" - Flight Facilities feat. Jess - it's all about summer vibes at this time of the year right?

14 (N) - "Pharaohs" - SBTRKT feat. Roses Gabor - Miss Gabor featured on Greenmoney's funky single last month, this time it's a collaboration with ultra-popular enigmatic SBTRKT

13 (2) - "Dancing" - Omar feat. Zed Bias

12 (4) - "Crystalline" - Björk - just ordered 4 different versions of the single for my
Björk collection, Omar Souleiman and Matthew Herbert provided mixes among others

11 (N) - "Within You" - Gus Gus - according to Gus Gus very own Biggi Veira this will be one of the next singles taken from their epic "Arabian Horse"

10 (N) - "Lucid In the Sky" - Cubic Zirconia - how about this for a brilliant title for a song???

Cubic Zirconia - Lucid In The Sky by ScionAV

09 (N) - "Ritual Union" - Little Dragon - Miss Yukimi Nagano and co are back with album number 3 and this wondrous song

08 (RE) - "White Elephant" - Ladytron - the video is out and so this magnificent piece of synth pop makes a return to my top 10

07 (N) - "Desire" - Eli Escobar feat. Nomi Ruiz - the year of Nomi Ruiz continues with this oldskool flavoured tune, can't wait to hear what did she prepare with Beni too for his upcoming debut album

06 (10) - "Cherry Picking" -
Toddla T feat. Róisín Murphy 05 (N) - "No Limit" - Nathan G & Blackfrog feat. Byron Stingily - this single was out last year but I only discovered it this month, one big juicy bite of quality house music
04 (N) - "Blown Minded" - Young Galaxy - strangely sad, eerie and marvellous, one of two Canadian tracks in top 5 this month

Young Galaxy - Blown Minded by Henry Coachella

03 (N) - "Psy-Chic" - SSION - Cody Critcheloe one of the most flamboyant artists out there, Madonna fanatic mashing up electro, disco, punk and making it sound like the most berserk hybrid of pop you ever listened to, I'm a huge fan

02 (1) - "Over" - Gus Gus - two months in a row at the top spot, my favourite Icelanders had to pass the crown to my favourite Canadians this month... The video was just released and it's a beauty!
01 (3) - "Manic" - Azari & III - it's the most hypnotic, the most haunting and the sexiest dance record of the year so far... And don't even get me started on the video - fantabulousness!

Manic by Azari & III